Dir : Baños - HUIZHIL (Barrio San Josè) Cuenca- Ecuador

The Embenet born in 1972 in Italy, founded by the Benetti family for generations, specialized in the processing of pork.

As a platform to launch the product, has chosen the city of Cuenca, he found the climate and location, the natural environment for the production and storage of their products. Moreover, their generous hospitality with their culture is recognized throughout the world, under UNESCO protection

The company set in the heart of Cuenca (Ecuador), produces bacon, salami, coppa and strands of high quality.

"Embenet, produces in the heart of Cuenca, high quality products such as bacon, salami, coppa and other varieties of pork sausage. Salame, is the flagship product of Cuenca, typical farmer in the Italian region of Marche



contatti :

Business Email :info@embenetcia.com

email unipersonale : embenetcia@hotmail.it

Phone Cell: 0992952005 - 0984027205


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